Isabella Private Official Guide of Florence

Isabella Private Official Guide of Florence

Hello travellers, pleased to meet you! I am Isabella, your guide in Florence!

I am an excellent private guide to this breath-taking city for at least three reasons:

1) I have lived here my entire life, and Florence is my element.
2) I have been leading guided tours in Florence since 2006, as an Italian teacher to foreign students first, and a qualified tour guide later.
3) I am an art historian as well, as passionate as I am skilled, and my field of expertise is Florentine Renaissance painting.

What else? I am an extremely happy mum now! Which has taught me patience, resilience, flexibility, and makes me ADORE working with children.

My mother has passed down her passion for art to me when I was a little girl. This passion, eventually, turned into a degree with first-class honours in Art History at the University of Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze). Thanks also to postgraduate scholarships, I specialised in Florentine Renaissance painting, with most of my research published in articles or books!

This has allowed me to be a teacher for my colleagues as well: I have held several art history refresher courses throughout my career.

I will tell you all sort of interesting and juicy facts about the otherwise neglected, fascinating details of the best-known Florentine monuments.

That being said, I understand that your holiday is not an art history class, and that you’re excited at the prospect of having fun immersing yourselves into the city's atmosphere! Through me, you will experience Florence, its history, its people, its traditions, and its food, like a true local does!

Thanks to a nine-month training course with a final examination (which is necessary to become a qualified tour guide) I learnt to combine the precision of information with a simple, interesting way of explaining things: and through my many years of experience I have learnt how to immediately get attuned with what my clients expect of me. I provide tailor-made tours of great substance, which are enthralling and lighthearted though! And as a delighted mother to a baby boy (who's already been on tour with his mum) I have a particular flair for kids. I am really fond of scavenger hunts in museums and in the city. 

What else is there to know about me? I truly have a passion for fashion (especially the Twenties' and the Sixties'), another one of my “warhorses” when I'm at work. Florence-based designers like Gucci and Ferragamo made this city great as geniuses like Michelangelo and Leonardo did. Another passion of mine is for TV series! Did you know HBO filmed a series in Florence about the Medici family's life, starring an actor just like Dustin Hoffmann..?

So what are you waiting for? Come with me and make the very best of the time you have in Florence! Get only the best of the best!

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